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Robin Mitchell-Henry


After 24 years, I can proudly describe myself as a multi-hyphenated retired educator who still stays connected to students, friends, colleagues, and family because I am fascinated with people and their potential to grow. My favorite and most important job is that of being a Mom! Parent is a noun and a verb and that is how I raised my son! Recently my responsibility list diminished since my son graduated from Howard University, started a great career and moved across the country.

Black Is Gold Chicago College Prep

Black Is Gold Chicago College Prep

Now I am known as a College Prep Guru who is always busy helping parents send their kids to college, while publishing college and career e-books. Our world has changed and I stay relevant by doing workshops for parents and their high school students while serving on the board of directors for two different scholarship organizations.

As a new teacher, my students expressed their frustration because they lived in the welfare-subsidized housing projects. They were confused and afraid of college because they were the first generation to consider going to college. I told them that education would give them options for freedom to live life as they decided. Their parents were stuck living as the government decided for them, but my students had other options.

I engaged with both students and their parents and sent students to college on scholarships to HBCUs, other students enrolled in state school and Big Ten schools and a few students went to prestigious schools.

A graduate of the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, I started my career in advertising and media. Media Director at a Chicago ad agency when a new client joined our roster. I worked with a recent Harvard Law School graduate, Barack Obama, a pro-bono client, on a project called “It’s a Power Thing.” We educated Chicago's black community about the power of voting and the registration process.

A career change lead me to the field of education. I became the Curriculum Coordinator for several Chicago Public Schools. I am pleased to say that I am the author of two non-fiction books that give great advice to teenagers and their parents called No Mistakes and Prepped & Polished for College & Career. I love traveling to HBCUs to share realities of corporate life an how students should prepare themselves for a professional life outside of college.  

Recently, as a social media enthusiast, I launched three Facebook groups about three different topics that I am passionate about, growing to over 15,000 members in less than 6 months! 

I am an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I am happily married to LTC George Henry, Jr. an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Throughout all of the good times, I am really proud of being a proactive parent. My son, Grayson, also an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, graduated as president of the Howard University School of Business and currently serves as an award-winning Strategic Operations Manager as part of an exclusive Leadership Development Program. Grayson was an honors student, a school leader, and an athlete who helped the Howard's junior varsity basketball win a national championship. He used all of the skills that I share with parents and he is my success story and proof that my advice really works! Today he remains happy, well-respected, and very helpful to other people. This is what makes me smile!

At college kənekts, I apply my personal and professional experience to build, grow and share the value of College OPTIONS to parents and college-bound students around the country!